There is a myth that because alcohol is banned in Gujarat, there is no liver disease in Gujarat. Though, alcohol is one of the major reasons for liver failure, there are many other diseases which one needs to be aware of.

The most common cause of liver failure in India is Hepatitis B. The most common cause of liver cancer is Hepatitis B. Those who were born before 2002 need to check themselves for hepatitis B. vaccination is available and is now a part of national immunization schedule.

Hepatitis B has no symptoms and the only way to diagnose is a simple blood test. If you have received blood transfusion in past, you have the risk of being exposed to Hepatitis C.

The diet in Gujarat is full of sugars and oils. With adaption of western sedentary lifestyle, obesity and diabetes is on the rise. With that fatty liver is also on the rise. Fatty liver can cause liver damage similar to that caused by alcohol. Fatty liver is worldwide becoming the most common cause of liver transplant. A healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent it.

Alcoholic liver disease is as prevalent in Gujarat as other states. Though not freely available, people still have managed to get access to alcohol. Even those who drink beer also develop alcoholic liver disease.

Acceptance of a low fat diet, a regular exercise and vaccination for hepatitis A and B is advisable to protect your liver.
Stay aware, stay healthy!! Protect your LIVER

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