Essentials of Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant in India has progressed from surgery for the privileged few to an accessible solution for the general population. It is no longer limited to only a few selected big cities, but is possible even in second tier cities. All doctors dealing with liver disease patients will encounter patients who have undergone transplant in past, or may require a transplant in near future. This book incorporates essentials of liver transplant to help physicians, surgeons, intensivists, anaesthesiologists and medical and surgical gastroenterologists in dealing with the issues pertaining to liver transplant with ease.

  • A book on liver transplant with special consideration on Indian perspective.

  • The topics include pre-transplant, peri-transplant and post-transplant management issues of Liver Transplant patients.

  • Separate chapters on transplant for acute liver failure, acute on chronic liver failure, hepatocellular carcinoma and non HCC liver tumors for enhanced learning.

  • Role of Endoscopists and Interventional Radiologists specific to liver transplant setting highlighted in dedicated chapters.

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